5 July 2015

A Weekend At Home

I spent a weekend out of London with no plans and realised it is exactly what I've been needing. London can get pretty intense and when you suffer with anxiety that can get a little over-whelming. I told my mum I was going to come home but she told me they were all going camping on Saturday morning so wouldn't actually be there. This originally made me re-think whether I wanted to go but my boyfriend said he thought it would be good for me to have a chilled weekend on my own. So that's exactly what I did!

Despite being woken up by the insane thunder and lightening on Friday night the weather was still gorgeous when I woke up. I started Saturday morning off by sitting outside with a cup of tea. I love my garden at home. We're lucky enough to have a bit of outside space in London but there's nothing better than a grassy garden. It was so quiet and so I just sat and slowly enjoyed my tea.

For lunch I went to visit my nana and grandad who always want to take me out for lunch when I come home which is lovely! Their garden is absolutely gorgeous in summer so I took this snap just before we went to the pub. My lunch was an amazing steak and caramelised onion ciabatta, I was too hungry to take any pictures though!

Once I got home I decided I wanted to  take advantage of the sunny afternoon so I grabbed a towel, my kindle and some suncream and went and lay outside for a couple of hours. It was so lovely and I ended up just lying watching the clouds go by. 

I came inside a took a selfie for good measure ;) then I chilled on the sofa with another cuppa and watched 27 Dresses which is one of my fave films. 

The sun was starting to set so I decided to go on a wander around the village. I was only walking for about half an hour but it was so peaceful and it made me remember why I love the countryside. 

I honestly do love London but sometimes it really does get on top of me. I am always with people which is quite over-whelming, so spending this weekend largely on my own has been amazing.

Do you ever feel like you need some alone time?



  1. I feel like this about Manchester sometimes. My bf's fam live in Anglesey, I love nothing more than going there for a few days when I am feeling overwhelmed by city life! Hope you are good lovely x

  2. Gorgeous pics! I absolutely love going home and just blobbing out. I would love to visit London some time, but I can see how it would get overwhelming!

    Talia // Floral Anchors

  3. Looks like you had such a lovely weekend! I can't imagine not living in the countryside, I love it so much. xx
    Nikki | hedgehogloves


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