22 July 2015

Exploring London | Aldgate

Another London post! Even though I’ve said this is exploring London, that’s not strictly true. My offices have moved from Camden to Aldgate area. I am actually really happy about it, I feel much more like I work in ‘London’ because we are so close to all the sights. The new office is quite far apart from where I live so it isn’t an area I’ve really explored before. So technically this is exploring, just lunch time exploring rather than on the weekend! 

Tower of London

St Katharines Dock

View of the Gherkin London

The first two pictures are of two of our lunch destinations. Firstly is the Tower of London, we found a cute little park and sat opposite with the shard also in view. Next up is St Katharine’s Docks which also has a view of the shard, although the day we went it was so misty that we couldn’t see the top! We’ve also wandered down to Spitalfields which I had never visited. It’s such a lovely area with so many nice restaurants and obviously the market. But I forgot to take any photos on that day! The final photo is the amazing view out of our office window! 
How amazing is that? That’s a true London office view!

Even though I wrote a post about London being over-whelming (here), I do truly love living here. Sometimes I need to escape and go back home for a weekend but being able to walk for 10 minutes and be at amazing sights like these makes me really happy. 

Have you been to this area of London? Let me know any recommendations!


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