9 August 2015

Bournemouth and Body Confidence

I've had this Bournemouth post in my drafts for ages now, I think it's well over a month since I went. I took my big DSLR camera with me so I could create a lovely blog post for you guys. But obviously that didn't happen. 

The reason? Body confidence.

I got home and downloaded all the photos onto my laptop and nearly cried at the sight of myself. I am all for people being comfortable and happy and confident whatever their size, but for some reason I struggle so much when applying this logic to myself. I've talked a lot about fitness on my blog, and you can probably tell it's pretty sporadic. I really struggle with sticking to a routine. Some days I'm determined to eat healthy and go to the gym and other days I'm just thinking, fuck it, life is too short.

Being surrounded with perfect images on social media definitely has an impact. I envy all the girls with perfect bodies, all the celebrities who never have a hair out of place. I know it's unrealistic to want to look like that, I know I don't have the determination. I love going out and socialising with my friends, and that definitely comes first. I will never be the girl to sack off a night out for the gym. No way. But maybe I could balance this better?

I don't know how to change this or how to get completely happy. I don't even have a proper thought process to this blog post. But surely i'm not alone? How do you cope with body confidence struggles?



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  1. Oh no that's so sad to read I hope you are okay! I am the same though I wouldn't dare wear shorts let alone a bikini, fitness is so good when you are into it but I am like you I cannot stick to it for sh*! I wish I had tips to help you out xxx


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