31 August 2015

Moving House!

Make up bag

Well, technically not moving 'house', but flats. Tom and I are moving into our first flat, just the two of us! I'm so so excited. You may have seen me complaining on twitter complaining about packing. Somehow Tom managed to arrange not one but two holidays during our move! So while he was sunning himself in Croatia and now drinking beers in France, I have been packing like crazy. I think I am finally there but that means living out of boxes and a very minimal make up bag for the rest of the week.

I am having so much fun browsing home wear shops, the first thing on my list is a dressing table. I'm not quite sure which one I want, but I am definitely tempted by the blogger staple, Ikea Malm. Hopefully I will have some good before and after photos of the flat, so if you like interiors then definitely follow me on Bloglovin' to see all my latest posts :)

Please leave any good home wear inspiration blogs in the comments. I think I might be very active on Pinterest in the next couple of weeks!



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  1. I'm from Croatia so. Hope Tom had nice time here. I love interior design so much. Pinterest is just amazing for that. This is my Pinterest Decor board. Hopefully it will help you to get some inspiration.

    Antonia || Sweet Passions


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