27 September 2015

Beauty | MAC Mehr Lipstick

My first beauty post in a while! It has been motivated by this gorgeous MAC Mehr lipstick recommended by my pal, Dani. She always has such fab lip colours so when she let me try on her lipstick I knew I'd like it. FYI in this photo she is wearing MAC Diva which is another lipstick on my wishlist!

To be honest, I probably would never have picked it out as I think it looks a little dark in the tube. But it was love at first swipe. I haven't heard much about this lipstick shade from other bloggers so I wanted to draw your attention to it! It is a matte shade which I really like, it lasts really well and I only need to reapply it after eating. Most of my other neutral shades are creme sheen which I do like, but I find they don't last quite as long. It's a perfect day to day shade, I think the slightly darker shades are actually much more flattering than lighter pinks. 

What do you think of this shade? And let me know what other MAC lipstick shades I need to try!



  1. It looks gorgeous on you, I have been after this shade for a while, I want to start building up my collection xx


  2. Such a pretty shade and it suits you :-) I like matte lipsticks too, they stick around longer and no need for reapplying all the time. I own plumful and brave, both I really recommend. Thanks for sharing this one too! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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