2 September 2015

Camping in Wales

This post is a little delayed, but I wanted to write it still. This blog is turning into a sort of online diary, I really love looking back and reading my old posts, so this is definitely a holiday I will want to read about in a few years.

Tom and I wanted to go on a holiday but as we are moving house we decided to save some money and go on a camping trip. I found a lovely campsite in Cardigan Bay in Wales. The area was so gorgeous, cute little towns, beautiful beaches and dolphins! 

The holiday was exactly what we needed, living with a housemate can mean you never get any time alone. So 5 days of just the two of us was bliss. Don't get me wrong, we love living with our friend and we spend a lot of time with our friends on weekends but sometimes you just need some quality time. 

Now, when I told my mum I was going camping, my mum was very skeptical. My last experience was our tent 'test' in my nana and granddads back garden. My step dad had bought a new tent and wanted to have a go putting it up and staying in it before going away with it. We all put the tent up and went to bed, and at about 11pm I ran into my nana and granddads house and asked to sleep in the spare room! 

Despite this less than successful last experience, I was so excited to go camping. We arrived in nice weather and put up our tent. We settled down with a cup of tea and a book before going on a wander down to the beach where the views were gorgeous. The weather the next day was less than lovely, so we spent a lot of time reading in our tent and eating snacks. 

We had one minor mishap while we were away, we went out for a lovely day in Cardigan and did some souvenir shopping and ate lots of food. But we returned to a completely collapsed tent! Luckily four very kind men came to our aide and we got the tent back up and secured. I think my mum was surprised I wanted to stay after that incident! But the next day was gorgeous weather so I'm so glad we stayed. We went to the beach and were reading our books when we noticed some kayaks. As we were watching them we saw DOLPHINS! I was so excited!

What do you think about camping? For or against? I think this holiday has made me a camping lover!



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