24 September 2015

I have internet!

Totally random photo that is in no way related to the title of this post but oh well let's focus...we have internet in our flat!! As a social media addict and blogger, having no internet was not fun. I managed to use 7GB of data in ONE month which apparently is pretty impressive. I mainly blame snapchat tbh. I forget how much data those little video clips use.

We still need to make a lot of finishing touches to our flat including some storage bits. I'm thinking Ikea as it isn't too expensive but if you have any other ideas, then definitely leave them in the comments! We are also getting Sky tv next week. I have a LOT of tv to catch up on! It might seem really expensive but we're lucky that we have a friend who works there so we can get a nice discount so it's not too bad.

Anyway, I'm going to get working on some new posts so hopefully there will be some new content here soon!



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