11 October 2015


I've spent today nursing a pretty bad head after a few too many glasses (bottles) of prosecco last night. To try to aid my pounding head I put on some Jack Johnson and got lost in Ella's blog and instagram We Need To Live More. If you haven't read Ella's blog, I highly recommend it. She makes me want to live a better lifestyle. Be healthier. Be happier. I know some people will say it's all just hippie talk but I genuinely think changing my lifestyle could change my happiness. 

I am happy, but I'm also an anxious mess a lot of the time. I've learnt to manage it, but it's still there everyday and is just something I am going to have to live with. I've come up with a few things I would like to change, that I wanted to write down to try to motivate myself.

1. Give being vegetarian a go.
2. Start running again. 
3. Wake up 10 minutes earlier everyday.
4. Keep writing this blog.

These may seem like small goals, but that's okay. I want to be doing things that are positive for me, and maybe if i'm healthier then my mind and body will both be a little happier. Obviously this doesn't include drinking so much prosecco that I can barely function the following day. I haven't really explained why I've chosen these things, but I will keep you updated in a couple of weeks and let you know how I've got on.

Do you give yourself little goals like these? Share yours in the comments.


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