20 November 2015

Decorating for Christmas!

LED Snowman - £9.99 Dunelm

I am so excited to start decorating our flat for Christmas, it will be our first time buying a Christmas tree and all the decorations. Ocean Finance got in touch about creating your dream home on a budget and were kind enough to send me some Dunelm vouchers. Dunelm is a really affordable shop and there are loads of options to give your home a pick me up. 

I absolutely love the Christmas section on Dunelm and I would really recommend checking it out. I can't wait to get to my nearest store and spend my voucher! I definitely think that snowman will soon me mine. I'm also trying to decide what height tree to get, we have super high ceilings in our flat so could go really tall but then we don't have huge amounts of space. So I'm just not sure!

Are you exciting to start decorating for Christmas?


16 November 2015

A fitness beginner

I always have such good intentions with fitness and healthy eating, but I seem to manage one or two weeks and then I fall off the wagon. Usually it's a night out or a meal out that makes me give up. Last week I joined Virgin Active gym near where I live and managed to go 4 times this week as well as going out on a night out. 

I wanted to write a blog post about what I've done so I can try to motivate myself. I have been going to classes which I have found really helpful because I book myself onto them so I don't feel like I can drop out. Also I am a gym newbie so I find it a bit over whelming, so having someone telling me what to do and how long I should be doing it for is really helpful.

1km on treadmill 
2km on bike
20 weighted squats
15 weighted walking lunges

60 mins pilates class

2km on treadmill 
2km on bike
30 weighted squats
10 arm raises
20 bicep curls

60 mins pilates class

I'm sure to a lot of you who go to the gym regularly this isn't a lot, but I'm doing my best! I need to up my cardio, but I'm so unfit that after 2km on the treadmill I am literally struggling to breathe. I've found pilates really good as I have a really week core aka NO abs! So this has been great at helping focus my energy on my core. I have an abs class tonight which I am very nervous about!

Healthy eating seems to be much easier when you're doing exercise as I feel like I don't want to ruin all my hard work in the gym by eating rubbish. But I haven't had a perfect week, I went out on Thursday night and had prosecco and had some pizza on Friday night but other than that I have been eating healthily. Yesterday I went to Tart in Clapham and had the most delicious goats cheese and chorizo tart with broccoli salad, it was amazing. I would fully recommend checking out Tart if you live near Clapham.

My aim for this week is to spread out my exercise a bit more, as you can see last week it was all focused in the beginning of the week. 

How do you keep motivated?


14 November 2015

Sharing the love

After my last post and last nights awful news I didn't really know how to blog even though I'd been planning to all week. I have decided to spread a bit of positivity and share the blogging love. I haven't done one of these posts in a while and I just wanted to share some of my favourite blogging girls.

Lyzi has such a varied blog that you could never possibly get bored. There are fashion posts, food posts, lifestyle posts, personal posts. You name it, it's probably there! I love Lyzi's attitude towards everything, her post on things to be grateful for really resonated with me. Even when things are awful and you feel like nothing is going your way, we should learn to appreciate the little things.

Okay so, girl crush alert! I am obsessed with Lindsey's style. I am not a girly girl who can pull off the little tea dresses or body con dresses so I really admire Lindsey's fashion sense. She describes her style as 'Scandinavian minimalism' which I think sums it up perfectly. 

Helen, The Lovecats Inc

Another style inspiration! Helen has impeccable taste in clothes, I have been following her blog for a long time and have loved seeing her style evolve. Helen has a knack for integrating expensive, designer pieces into a wardrobe full of high street pieces.

Ella, Ella Masters

Ella is probably one of the most talented people I follow. I have her 'don't be a prick' print on my wall above my fire place. If you haven't look at her art work before then do it now! Alongside her amazing art she also runs a pretty awesome blog. Ella has had a tough time recently losing her mum, as I've been going through a similar thing it has been comforting reading her posts. Seeing how it has motivated her has kick started my motivation again.

Twitter | Instagram

Rosie, A Rosie Outlook

I feel like I've been reading Rosie's blog forever. A bit like Lyzi's blog, I feel like there will be something for everyone as there are such a variety of posts from food to fashion. I absolutely love reading posts about her days out with her adorable dog Bodhi!

Twitter | Instagram

I hope you've found some new reads. I know this post may still seem a little irrelevant compared to what's going on, but I think sharing love is only ever a good thing.


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