29 December 2015

Aztec Mess in 2016

I, along with everyone else it seems, find the lull between Christmas and New Year a strange time. I'm not sure what to do with myself. I'm lucky that I managed to book this time off work so I'm still at home with my family which is great. But I do feel like I'm just slobbing around, I have eaten crap and drank what feels like endless bottles of wine. I just keep telling myself that the health kick starts on the 1st.

Christmas has been a lovely time with family and delicious food, reunions with school friends and more presents than I could have wished for. Including these gorgeous Kurt Geiger boots. I hope you all got spoilt this Christmas and managed to spend some quality time with friends and family.

While I've not got much going on, I've been planning some fun things for my blog for 2016. I feel like I got a bit lost with it this year and wasn't really sure where I wanted to take my content. Hopefully 2016 will see good things, I want to go back to my blog being my hobby and worrying less about the business side of things.

Some of the goals for Aztec Mess in 2015

1. Improve my photography and my writing skills.

I know I'm never going to be the best writer and I always want my blog to be written in a colloquial style as that's my favourite style to read but I think I can definitely improve and take more time when writing my posts.

2. Re-design my blog

I have had this design for quite a while, and I do still love it but I think it's time for a change. I just need to find somewhere that will do it for less than £50 ideally. Any recommendations would be great.

3. Only accept sponsored posts or PR gifts that are truly right for my blog

I found myself accepting PR gifts in exchange for a post without really thinking about whether it would have a positive impact on my blog. I think this is easy to do, all those emails offering you a freebie seem so appealing and exciting, but I know that some of the things I have accepted haven't been right and the posts don't seem natural at all.

Are there things you're changing for your blogs in 2016? Or anything specific you'd like to see change on Aztec Mess?



27 December 2015

Harry Potter World | Hogwarts in the Snow

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, particularly of the movies. I mean, I love the books, but I read them when I was about 12 and don't really fancy re-reading them. But I can watch the films over and over again. So for my birthday Tom bought me tickets to Harry Potter world and I was SO excited! I decided to wait until winter to go because I wanted to go when it was all snowy and Christmassy. Even though I got the tickets in April and waited until November, I'm so happy I did. Everything was perfect!

I don't want to spoil anyones experience because I loved not knowing what was there because it made it so much more exciting walking round. But I will say that I can't believe how much detail goes into each set, there are things I hadn't noticed or seen in the movies. Each set like the Gryffindor common room, the Weasley's house and Hagrid's hut are there for you to see. 

I think my favourite part was the Great Hall and the model of Hogwarts Castle. Oh, and Diagon Alley! Obviously we tried the Butterbeer, lets just say...not for us. But let me know what you think!

I would 100% recommend going, I think it's a really reasonable price for how much you get to see. Hogwarts in the Snow is there until 31st January. 

Are you a big Harry Potter fan?


23 December 2015

The run up to Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 has been a weird one so far. 

Lets start with the good.

I was so excited because it was mine and Tom's first Christmas together in our new flat, so we got to decorate it together. I absolutely adore our Christmas tree, we opted for a tall thin one as we didn't have heaps of spare room in our living room. I chose the theme of the tree which was copper and gold with a classic gold star on the top. It was super affordable but all my friends have commented on how nice it looks. In the future I will definitely want to include more of a mix of baubles rather than them all being the same, but for our first tree I'm so happy!

I also had two Christmas parties this year, one with my work and one with Tom's. They were both so much fun and left me with terrible headaches the day after!! I managed to find a different dress for each party but I stuck with the same makeup, a bronze eye with a Christmassy red lip.

I also got an amazing team lunch at Duck and Waffle. Although I say 'team' lunch, there's only two of us on our team!! The food was absolutely gorgeous, and the view was insane. I definitely got a little nervous in the lift though!

I've managed to come home pretty early this year as I took my nana to see Oliver Twist in the theatre and then work from home for a couple of days. It has been so nice to catch up with all my family and I'm seeing all my home friends on Christmas Eve. 

But then, this is where the not so great part starts. If you read my blog regularly then you'll know that my Grandad past away just over 2 months ago. We are a really close family so it has hit us really hard. So as much as it's amazing being with all my family it's also really difficult because there is just a hole that can't be filled. It will be nice to reminisce on Christmas Day but I just have a feeling it could all get quite emotional, which isn't a bad thing, just makes me a little nervous. We just need to take each day as it comes. 

I am still excited for Christmas and I have twin brothers who are 12 and I can tell how excited they are so the magic is definitely still alive in our house. I'm going to get myself in the Christmas mood by re-watching some classic Christmas films and eating as much chocolate as I possibly can!

Hope you have an amazing Christmas and New Year



22 December 2015

Winter Night In with the BFI Love Campaign

Cosy winter nights in are my fave over the Christmas period so when Plusnet got in touch to tell me about the BFI Love Campaign I was happy to get involved! They sent me this awesome box with loads of goodies for a winter night in. My faves are the face mask and the pop corn, both necessities for a night in. They also sent me the dvd of Casablanca which I have never seen, I'm excited to sit down and watch it because I've heard such good things about it.

Plusnet have paired with the British Film Institute to promote the BFI Blockbuster season. The BFI Blockbuster season, LOVE, runs until the end of December is a nationwide event to rekindle the nation’s passion for film and television’s most enduring love stories. It includes over 1,000 screenings at hundreds of cinemas, special one-off events, new and rare releases on DVD with content across social media and online.

The BFI player has some awesome films on it, some personal faves are Notting Hill, Bridget Jones Diary and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. So I'll be watching some girly films by the Christmas tree while painting my nails with some sparkle!

What's your favourite film for a cosy night in?


11 December 2015

Rose Gold Head Phones | Sudio

It's that time of year when everyone is thinking about Christmas and buying Christmas presents. So I'm here with an idea for you that would work for the men or women in your life, and it won't break the bank.

You may remember I featured some Sudio headphones before in this post. Well, they got in touch again to tell me about their new release and I thought it was the perfect thing to share with you guys in time for Christmas. 

These are white earphones with rose gold hardware. Yep, rose gold - every bloggers dream! These are the Vasa style and are 70 euros which is around £50. The sound quality is really good and one of the big selling points for me is the wire, which sounds stupid, but hear me out. I absolutely hate it when earphone wires get tangled at the bottom of your bag, Sudio do have a solution for this by providing you with a case - but I'm too lazy to use this. Their other solution is that they have made the wires flat and matte which means they don't get tangled half as easily as other style..I'm looking at you Apple. So for me they tick all the boxes, good sound, don't tangle, comfortable to wear and, lets face it, they are super pretty!

If you're looking for some new headphones for you or for a christmas present then I would definitely recommend these. And you can get 15% off with my code aztecmess15

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