27 January 2016

Jewellery Essentials

Every day Jewellery - necklace, rings

I've always loved jewellery, from those huge plastic rings you used to find in vending machines at the pub or the heart necklaces which you shared with your best friend.

I like to think my tastes have been refined now that I'm in my twenties. I've been slowly building up a collection of jewellery that I can wear every day with no concerns about my fingers turning green. Damn you, Topshop rings! 

My metal of choice is silver. I'm not sure what made me lean more towards this than gold, but I've made the commitment now. I am not a fan of mixing metals, even though I know a lot of people will disagree.

My most treasured pieces are my Marc Jacobs watch and the circle necklace, both were gifts from my family. My Nana and Grandad bought me the Marc Jacobs watch, it's the first expensive piece of jewellery I have owned and I love it. It's quite a chunky piece which fits perfectly with my style and sits nicely alongside some of my more delicate rings.

If you look carefully you will be able to see that on the circle necklace it says 'Tor ❤ Tom'. I know, I know, how cheesy. But in my defense, it was a present from my mum and I adore it. I wear it alongside the feather necklace which was a gift from Tom. I really like how they are different length chains so they sit really nicely together. 

 Next up are my Pandora bracelets. My Pandora bracelets are a constant work in progress, every birthday and Christmas there are a few more charms added to them. I've built quite the collection now! Some of my favourites are the Big Ben charm which was a gift for when I moved to London and a house charm which was given to me when I first moved into my own flat after uni. Another great one has a wine bottle and wine glass on it. It turns out my mum went to a Pandora shop and said she wasn't sure what to get me, they told her to think about my hobbies. Literally all she could think of was wine. I mean it's fairly accurate but surely there is more about me than my ability to drink copious amounts of wine on a Friday night!

The rings are probably the most interchangeable aspect of my daily jewellery collection. I like to wear multiple rings, currently I'm wearing between 4 and 5 everyday. My favourites are dainty silver rings, Tom bought me two new ones for Christmas with green toned stones in them which are daily staples now. I also religiously wear a plain silver band on my thumb. Then I interchange between a couple of others. I really recommend Shop Dixi for rings that are pretty affordable but also don't turn your fingers green!! 

The one aspect missing in my jewellery collection is earrings. I do have my ears pierced but for some reason wearing earrings doesn't appeal to me. I generally find them pretty uncomfortable. I've been bought some gorgeous earrings in the past and will occasionally wear them on nights out or special occasions but they are normally a no no for me.

Do you have pieces of jewellery you wear every day?


Ps, How cute is the little ring dish from Flamingo Gifts :)

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