3 January 2016

Vague New Years Resolutions

Pyjamas: Topshop
Dressing Gown: John Lewis (similar)

Happy New Year!

I've decided to start a new blog series called Sunday Chats where I can just chat about whatever I fancy really! I wanted to introduce some structure to my blog, so that readers know when to expect new content and to motivate me to write regularly. I am writing this weeks post snuggled up in my dressing gown, watching the Simpsons and waiting for my rice to cook. Brown rice takes so damn long to cook!! 

I haven't made any concrete New Years resolutions really, but one of my vague resolutions was to make more of my weekends. I live in London so there's always loads to do, but there is also always loads to do on a Friday night. Which means, I tend to spend my weekend recovering from a few to many glasses of wine. Oh dear! 

Today I decided to tackle this (sort of) resolution head on and I met up with one of my work besties and we had lunch together. We went to Hays Galleria near London Bridge because I'd been before and I think it's so pretty. We ended up in Cafe Rouge where we had the exact same order of diet coke and a goats cheese salad. No alcohol, another sort of resolution. The food was good (although not that photogenic which is why there is no photo!) and it wasn't too expensive, which is a winner in January when everyone is flat broke.

Now I'm back home, I'm thinking about the inevitable - work tomorrow. I would love more time off, but I am actually pretty excited to see all my friends and see how their Christmas and New Years were. Trying to see the positives! I am definitely going to struggle with my 7am alarm though, seeing as I've been getting up at around midday for the last week...

Hope you all have a great week and that work is bearable for you :)



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  1. Great resolution! I have the same problem with weekends. I end up sleeping half the time and eating the other half :D some things have to change xx



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