31 March 2016

Casual in Converse

Leather Jacket - Topshop (similar)
Top - Adidas (similar can be found on eBay)
Shoes - Converse

Finally another style post on my blog! I honestly meant to get one up sooner but various events meant I had to keep cancelling on meeting my photographer. Eventually I decided to ask Tom, and I think he did a great job. We shot these in our back garden and the whole process went pretty smoothly! No diva strops from me, and a whole lot of patience from Tom.

This outfit is very typical for me, casual and comfortable. I am definitely a jean kinda girl, you won't often see me in skirts or dresses unless I'm going for an evening out. Over sized t-shirts and skinny jeans with a pair of trainers is pretty standard. I kept the outfit all black to allow the tie-dye Adidas t-shirt to stand out. 

Please let me know what you think in the comments!



  1. Love this post! You're looking so natural in front of the photo :) Love the jacket too .



  2. Can't beat a comfy pair of converse <3


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