6 March 2016

Saatchi Gallery | Champagne Life

I have been meaning to go to the Saatchi Gallery for a long time now, last time I attempted it was closed for a private event. But this weekend I succeeded! Sometimes I can find art quite hard to appreciate. This time I went with my friend Sophie who is an artist, it was really interesting hearing her opinions on the artwork and understanding more about how they were done. I think the Saatchi Gallery is my favourite art gallery I've been to in London. It isn't too big so I didn't feel too overwhelmed and it also wasn't that busy, despite being a Saturday afternoon which was nice.

The exhibition was called Champagne Life and there was a real variety in each of the galleries. I really do want to learn more about art and the thought process behind it. I wish we had bought a exhibition guide but we didn't have any change! 

The blue toned installations by Julia Dault were my favourite, the colours and shapes were so beautiful. I also loved the wall piece with pots and pans by Maha Malluh. I found the description of her work really interesting; 'Her sculptures are assemblages of objects found in junk shops and flea markets, their decrepit state speaking volumes of the culture that once valued but has now discarded them.'

I decided to make a bit of an effort with my appearance to take advantage of the fact I wasn't hungover on a Saturday for once! I went for my classic make up look with winged eyeliner and nude lips. For my outfit I wore my beautiful Kurt Geiger boots and my Topshop camel coat with ripped jeans and a shirt. I keep meaning to try to get some good outfit photos but I'm really self-critical so I'm trying to work on that first! My friend Tasha from Style and the Sass is trying to convince me to take outfit photos with her photographer, so maybe I'll do that next month! 

Hope you've had a great weekend. I've got friends coming over today to have a roast which should be lovely :)


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