18 April 2016

Basics | The White T-Shirt

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A white t-shirt is a basic in every girls wardrobe. My favourite is one from Topshop, it's a v-neck and hangs really nicely. Today I paired it with jeans and some Adidas trainers to keep it casual. But equally you can dress it up with a skirt and some heels for an evening.

atomist iron

*T-shirt before ironing, obviously ;)

atomist iron

With basics fashion items I think it's really important to take care of them and keep them ironed and looking smart. Morphy Richards gifted me their new steam iron. This iron is called their Atomist Vapour Iron, it's made with thermoglass and vapour mist technology. It's super easy to use, you fill up the base with water and then leave the iron to heat up, and it has three different settings. Once it has reached the right temperature it's ready to go. The vapour mist means you can target the water onto specific areas to help get rid of creases and make ironing your clothes much quicker!

I don't enjoy ironing at all and I'm embarrassed to say that when I go home my mum still irons all my clothes. She used to tell me she panicked watching me iron because i'm left handed and she was convinced I'd burn myself. But this iron made it really easy and all the creases were gone within no time, and bonus - no injuries!

I'm trying to invest in things rather than adding more fast fashion into my wardrobe, so I want to take make sure I'm taking care of all of my clothes. Any tips for places to shop for basic pieces?

Hope you have a great week!


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