6 April 2016

Next Beauty

Next beauty

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the Next blogger event to look at their beauty collection. It was my first event in a long time and unfortunately I felt a bit overwhelmed and didn't stay too long because of my anxiety. But lets focus on the positives, I got to leave with a lovely goodie bag with all these beauty bits to try!

Next beauty products

In the bag was two nail varnishes, two lip products, a candle and an eye shadow palette. I've not tried everything yet, but the things I have tried are amazing. The candle smells beautiful and is in a really nice glass jar. The nail varnishes are so much better than I expected, the darker one is opaque in one coat and lasted, chip free, for 4 days! The eyeshadows in this palette aren't my kind of colours so I'll be giving that to a friend, but the texture of the shadows is really soft so I think I might treat myself to the bronze colour palette. Finally are the lip products, I haven't tried either of these but I'm obsessed with red lipsticks and these colours look really nice so I'm sure I will like them!

If you're like me and didn't realise that Next did beauty products then check out the range here. Anything else you think I need to try from this range?



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