13 June 2016

Healthy Lifestyle | Seven Weeks On

Turns out the secret to making myself stick to a fitness regime is a workout buddy.

Yep, apparently that's all I've needed. Since partnering up with my friend Fliss we have been to the gym 3 times a week consistently for SEVEN WEEKS. SEVEN?! I've never made it past three weeks before, it's a miracle!!

When Virgin Active got in touch and invited me to a workout organised by blogger Robert Nixon from Over Dressed and Under Prepared, my first question was please can I bring a friend! As it was held at one of the amazing Virgin Collection clubs I knew the spa would be the perfect way to celebrate our commitment. So luckily Virgin said yes and Fliss and I went to the event a few weeks ago.

The event was organised with the tag #myworkoutfor, in this case, Robert was working in for his 'single life'. I love the concept of thinking about what you're actually working towards. For Fliss and I, it started out because we were both going on holiday and wanted to feel great in our bikinis. But for me it has turned into so much more, I feel so much healthier, my anxiety levels have reduced massively and sure my jeans are looser, but that's definitely not the only positive. I think working out purely for weight loss is why so many people (myself included) quit! Seeing the other benefits of working out have made me feel more committed and it shows because this is the longest I've consistently been to the gym!

Fliss working hard ;)

The workout itself was a circuit made up of four stations and each station had 3-4 exercises. It was a tough work out and I definitely learned some new moves; plank rows with dumb bells are a killer!

Thanks so much to Virgin Active and Robert for inviting us to the event, we had such a great time! And we especially loved relaxing in the spa afterwards :)

Hope you all have a great week



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