28 September 2016

A Month on Class Pass | 1Rebel Ride

My friend Ani found out that Class Pass was available on offer for £1 for a months membership. ONE POUND. Bear in mind that for 5 classes the membership is usually £55 or for unlimited classes it's £120. So this was a real bargain and I signed up immediately.

In this blog series I will take you through the classes I did during my month on Class Pass. Some great, some okay and one I definitely wouldn't recommend. But lets start with the great!

Gym: 1Rebel
Location: St Mary Axe (near Liverpool Street)
Class: Ride
Instructor: Melissa

#KINGOFGYMS. Ride, Reshape and Rumble. 3 concepts. 2 venues. 1 Rebel Army.

1Rebel was one of the classes I was most excited to try, I'd heard so much about it and I also knew it was pretty expensive (£20 per class) so getting to do it for a fraction of the price was great! We did the Ride class, which is essentially a spin class on steroids. There is loud, club music with strobe lights, the works. Our instructor was called Melissa and she was so full of energy that you couldn't help but get into it. There was also a section of the workout where we used hand weights to get some arm exercises in so I definitely felt like I'd done a full body workout.

The changing rooms were beautiful, with copper lockers and cowshed products dotted around everywhere. My one criticism was the lack of showers, we had to queue for quite a while to shower. Some of the perks, other than the class of course, were a fridge full of chilled towels, the potential to get your hair blow dried and braided and the smoothie bar in the reception. Also if you do this class on a Friday evening then you get a free glass of prosecco afterwards. If that's not going to motivate you then I don't know what will! 

I found Class Pass to be really good in keep my motivation high and giving my fitness routine a bit of variety. I'm excited to share the other classes with you and then give an overview of my thoughts and whether it's worth the money.

Hope you enjoy this mini series!



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