1 October 2016

A Month on Class Pass | Ethos Spitalfields

Our second class on Class Pass was at Ethos in Spitalfields.

Tired of the divide between the yoga, fitness and science worlds, we created a space that brings them together for optimal MIND/BODY training. We believe there are people like us who love yoga and sports and no longer want to think of them as separate activities.

Gym: Ethos
Location: Spitalfields
Class: TRX45

Ethos was recommended by a friend at work so I was really keen to try it out. They are known for their yoga classes however I've never really enjoyed yoga that much so I tried one of their other offerings. The TRX class was 45 minutes long and was a real challenge for me. I'd never used the TRX ropes in the gym before so I felt like I was working muscles that I didn't even know existed! We did a mixture of arm, ab and leg moves so really worked the whole body. I ached for at least 2 days afterwards!

As with 1Rebel my only gripe was the lack of showers, another queuing situation. This was fine because I was in no rush but if you need to get to work early or something then it's worth bearing this in mind. Towels and lockers are provided which is great. There are cowshed products to use in the shower and there is deodorant, hairspray and even tampons for you to help yourself to! On the whole the changing rooms weren't quite as snazzy as 1Rebel but they were still lovely.

Classes at Ethos are £20 per class but there is an intro offer for 2 classes for £20 at the moment! I would really recommend this class so take advantage of the offer here.



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