11 October 2016

A Month on Class Pass | Project Fit & Orange60

Onto the final post for my mini series on my month on Class Pass with Project Fit and Orange60.

Image credit: Project Fit

Gym: ProjectFit
Location: Bank
Class: Project45

'PROJECT FIT is a fitness challenge like no other. It is a new, revolutionary and innovative interval training workout.'

The location for Project Fit was really great for people working in the city, approx 5 minute walk from Bank. This is the only location they have and they only do 45 min classes. The class we did was 4 rounds with 2 on the treadmill and 2 strength. This class was really challenging for me, especially the treadmill sections. I definitely left feeling like I'd done a great workout and was aching for a few days afterwards! The instructor was really motivating and encouraging. She knew we were new to the class so made an extra effort to make sure we knew what we were doing.

The changing rooms were really small, so my friend and I actually ended up going to our usual gyms to shower and get ready as there wasn't many showers and we didn't have time to queue. Towels and lockers are provided for you. 

Overall I thought this was a great class but you need to bear in mind the changing room situation if you're in a rush to get somewhere afterwards.

Gym: David Lloyd
Location: Aldgate
Class: Orange60

'The aim is to take your heart rate to the ‘Orange’ zone for as much of the workout as possible. '

The final class I did on Class Pass was Orange60 at David Lloyd. Unfortunately this was also by far the worst class. Firstly the facilities; you needed cash for towels and locker deposit, of which I had neither. The changing room was the size of a cupboard with 2 showers despite the class taking up to 15 people. Imagine that queue!

Onto the class, I felt like the concept could have been good. It was similar to Project Fit in that it had a treadmill section and a strength section. However the gym was so big that the instructor was running back and forth trying to explain things to everyone. There was only 2 sections which meant you spent 30 mins on the treadmill in one go which was extremely dull! In a class environment I didn't expect to be on treadmill for that long. One of the 'unique' things about this class is that they track calories burnt on a big screen if you are wearing a heart rate monitor. On class pass you get one lent to you for your first class but after that you have to bring your own (or buy one there). However the ones they lent to myself and my friend didn't work so we weren't able to enjoy that aspect of the class.

Unfortunately this is the one class that I tried that I wouldn't recommend at all. I had high hopes as I had heard great things about David Lloyd as a gym, but the class was definitely not for me.

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