12 October 2016

Book Review | The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Since my last recently read post I have managed to read all of the Harry Potter series which was amazing. I've decided not to review them as I think we've all heard enough reviews on them. But they were such a lovely and comforting read, I was having a bit of an anxious time on public transport and reading those really distracted me. 

I've decided to change up the format of my book reviews. I felt that reviewing up to five books in one post wasn't working for me. I tended to write the post after I'd read 4-5 books which meant I couldn't write the reviews in as much detail as you forget some of the finer points. I also didn't want the reviews to be that long as that would be an overwhelmingly long post. So from now on I'm going to review books individually, which means I might not review everything I read as some books I might not have much to say on!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

TW : rape, murder, domestic abuse

Obviously this book is a bestseller and hugely popular. It has taken me longer than it should have to get around to reading it. On Goodreads it has a 4.1/5 rating so I knew I had to give it a read.

I'd managed to avoid the film, and all reviews somehow so I had no prior knowledge of the storyline before I read this book, which I was really grateful for as I didn't have any preconceptions.

Plot Summary (no spoilers)

This story follows financial journalist Mikael Blomkvist as he is convicted of libel against a business entrepeneur Wennerström. While he is lying low to recover from this case he is employed by Henrik Vanger (whose family own and run the large business Vanger Corporation) to investigate the disappearence of his 16 year old niece Harriet Vanger, Henrik believes she was murdered.

Blomkvist hires Lisbeth Salander, a genius computer hacker, to help him investigate Harriet's disappearence. Lisbeth has an extremely troubled past which is explored throughout. Together Blomkvist and Salander work together to discover the truth about both Harriet and Wennerström.

My Thoughts

The development of scenes and characters was one of my favourite things about this book. It's definitely a long book, around 600 pages I think. This gives Stieg Larsson a lot of time to really explore each character and their relationships with one another. The Vanger family is really large so I felt like this was necessary to get a proper understanding of how everyone intertwined.

Although Blomkvist is tasked with investigating a missing person who is thought to have been murdered, this is not purely a murder mystery. It explores the economical and political impacts of large corporations and this runs as an important parallel within the storyline.

Salander as a character is one that you're intrigued about from the moment she is introduced. Her story develops and keeps you completely enthralled. Her childhood plays an important role in this development and her relationship with Blomkvist is one I found really interesting and almost surprising.

I would really recommend this book, I found it gripping from start to finish. It says something that I have already bought the second in the Millenium series. Although it's worth noting if you're sensitive to graphic descriptions of abuse, particularly sexual abuse, then this won't be a book for you. I found some of the descriptions really uncomfortable to read and left me feeling quite emotional.

 I hope you enjoy these more detailed reviews, do let me know!



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